whatis Naini Ekta Welfare Society

Naini Ekta Welfare Society (NEWS) is YOUTH MANCH (Regd. Society) those originally from Nainidadand Block, Pauri Garhwal, Uttrakhand, which are thinking about development of their culture, language and doing something for grassroots problems of the region. It means youngsters not only youth but also all those who are energetic to do something for the region. Society is starting its work before Nainidanda Block because in Nainidanda block is the lack of many basic features and other problems. After that we will expand it district, state and country level..

Why Naini Ekta Welfare Society

From the beginning, migration is a huge problem of Nainidanda region. Every year there are many more young people are forced to become migratory due to unemployment as well as education, health, sports, water and other basic problems of Nainidanda Block. Together we can try to some extent in this direction. It will take a long time to fight the problems of the region, but it will be possible to continuous collective effort. We need to make a conscious society. We can help to resolve the problems, like education, water, health, transport & other basic needs.

Benefits of Naini Ekta Welfare Society

Naini Ekta Welfare Society (NEWS) will continue to cooperate in the field of awareness. Continuous efforts in education have high levels of education, which would prevent migration due to education. If we constantly strive to solve the problems will surely be able to solve problems and possible in recovering all types of facilities. Due to the more facility there will be reducing the migration. In coming days, no need to leave their homes to our younger generation for the work and can live a good life in their own birth place.